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hello there..

I am SUDHA. I am29year old computer science research scholar, an indian home maker nd mother of a  6 years kid..
Regardless of where i’m from whats my qualification is ,i’m here for you to inspire,help through my little life experiences,my passions in living a beautiful ,happy nd ideal life…finally im here ,..becoz of my great interest on 3 main  things…
#1. LEARNING: in one word i can say about myself is “LEARNER” a consistent learner who keeps on improving and grow out of the challenges i face..this is the first hobby i have from the day i know this world..
#2.WRITING:I really love it becoz im basically a words person..really i find my true happiness in doing this..
#3.SHARING:The pure form of happiness lies in GIVING nd I believe in it has led me to start this  “CRAFTING HAPPINESS” so that i can share the little knowledge i have nd i have learnt so far..
from my childhood ,im a very active,busy and creative kid  who loves dancing,singing,writing,creating my own outfits n crafts,drawing may sound crazy..but i wish i could have 48  hours per day so that i could go into all my interested areas nd explore my talent nd calibre…  :)…but the main key ingredient in all these stuff is my true “HAPPINESS” nd im a constant happiness retriever always…
so ..welcome to …sudhagarblog

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