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 Helloo everyone!!!!… hope you are all doing good…and im here with my last post for 2018 and  i want this post should be about the crucial things i have learnt this year.

          So that perspective i have started listing them down.really there are many great lessons i have learnt which i didnt expect in the beginning.then i started ranking them which are the real game changers for me this year.i hope this may be useful for you as lets dive into the story quickly :)…


i used to be the one who doesn't really reads a lot. ”Reading “here means not the academics or the so called magazines just for knowing about the gossips or about the whole world.


Then what it means??



The content we are reading or learning about just should uplift our knowledge to the next level and shape ourselves in a better version. i adopted this habit of reading a lot this year .from these great books  i really learnt so many great things to follow..

these are the few i have read this year..


yes ,its totally true.. having  nutritious diet frequently has its direct impact on our mood fluctuations.our physical posture and our physic is 80% affected by the food we are consuming in. after this only “the impact of workout” or “diet controlling affects” will come..

i really have lot more to share about this “healthy eating ” in the later posts.because i want to make this story not too lengthy.



this principle applies to both materialistic things as well as the human relationships we are attached slowly practicing the skill to only have things with longer life than the fragile ones.having a few number of quality ones can make your life more easy than dealing with the humongous number of low grade things.i have started practicing the skill of having only the worthy things and discarding the  irrelevant ones .









this is a quote i have read somewhere .but this is so meaningful i can say.’Having loads of stuff with us which we wont require ‘ and ‘following too many fancy methods to organize them’ .. can really make our life even more tougher..Slowly decluttering the unwanted things from our space and from our life makes the way of organizing the things much more easy so that we can grab more time for other valuable tasks to this year i learnt to simplify my things which i was not familiar with.

                              Now coming to the relationships ..we have so many people in our  life .we heartfully  know which people can really wish our growth and be the true well wishers for us. we really feel that affection and positive vibes from the core of our heart when we are with them. im not saying that  to cut off all the relationships we have.we should find out those worthy people in our life and just get reconnect with them rather than dealing with the unworthy people in our life..

so..this is lil bit  about..what i call it as “Quality over Quantity”…















Really this is the gamechanger for this year i can say..just helping a random person without any expectations really gives the true happiness.i started practicing this habit.i know it may sound so weird but i feel that true happiness at the end of my day.what is this helping actually means … it can be clearing some crucial doubts for ur classmate ,sharing the new skill you have learnt so far,offering a delicious breakfast to your house maid..etc..

you may not get the chance to help others everyday but i feel this thing as “helping for my true happiness”…when i started looking at “helping” in this perspective,magically im getting even more chances to help  pretty is this  …


In this digital era a fully focused work with zero distraction is really becoming so rare.

                            In the beginning of this year i have totally immersed with the addiction of my phone during my work.and i used to check my social media right after i wake up in the morning.As a result i used melt off the precious  time available in the morning and finally i use to get more frustrated to finish up my morning tasks.and finally i use to get that worst feeling throughout the day.and also used to get same sort of distraction during my study sessions which require more focus..

Then i started following some tips to make my work with intense focus.some of them are:

  1. i have started using the app “FOREST” for my study sessions or for some important tasks..this is a wonderful app which tracks the duration of your work and stops other social media apps in your phone..

  2. this “Forest” app has really helped me a lot in doing the most focused work…

  3. These are some of the lessons i have learnt in this beautiful year…and also this year has given me lot of beautiful moments to hold…some of them are ..

  4. *i gave my best for this year’s GATE preparation but i failed to get it.. though this is a failure this has taught me a lot of courage to do whatever i want to …and left me a character to fight for anything i want in my life..

  5. *i started my student life after a typical homemaker life which is a new change this year i felt so excited about…and also started making lil money by my own which is so satisfying..

  6. *i started my blog “Crafting Happiness” which i really feel so happy about…i started it with full of hesitation in the beginning but totally it changed my perspective guys really gave a lot of positive feedback and appreciation to me directly…it really

  7. inspires me a lot to write more..

  8. *i stared working for my research this year for which i am so passionate about…

  9. soo..these are some of the sneak peaks of this year for me…then what is about your life…which things you have learnt newly in this 2018?? hope this is the best year you had in ur life…and also hope the new year brings all the happiness to your beautiful life…this is all for this time..lets catch up in the new year with new beginnings…:):)

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